Plant Problems


Everyone who has cats, has plant problems. Those bastards eat everything, regardless of how poisonous to them it can be. We have replaced some of the most accessible plants in our flat with cacti. Problem solved! Nennek uses one of them to scratch his gums though, you know, a natural toothpick, lol.



Springtime means a lot of things to my cats, but one stands above everything else – it’s the GRASS. Sometimes I think they can eat and puke and eat and puke endlessly…

Happy Family Life


Not exactly how it happened. There was a time when we were intensively wondering if cats could burp. I kept following Nennek around, listening to the cute sounds he makes, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard my kitty burp (Michał claims he has, but I wouldn’t believe that….). This is a remake of a comic I made in 2005, back when we still thought Nennek was female.

No animals were harmed in making of this strip :-)

The Trigger #2


Unfortunately our cat tower/skratchy post is placed right under the window. There is NO WAY one cat can be on a higher level than the other. It’s a 100% domestic war trigger.

Dirty Wiping


The poor bastard, Nennek, must have eaten too many leaves. They are not very good for him. In this stripe I focused on how I was trying to get him all cleaned. It does not show the stinky mess he made in our flat. And the severe bleeding afterwards.

Morning Sickness


Remake of something I did back in 2005. Nennek is famous for stealing and eating plants of any kind, and then puking them right out. I guess most cats do the same. Whatever the reason, I don’t like being woken up this early in the morning.

Feather Fever


I’m sure every cat has a history with feathers. Misia just can’t resist!

Sleeping Positions #1

UAT0005Sometimes they are so very hard to sleep with, especially the 5.2 kg Nennek.

Drinkwell #1


If you have cats, defo try out the drinkwell. As you can see it’s also great fun :) Not putting a date on this one, as it’s taking place pretty much everytime we turn it on. Nennek loves it!

The Trigger #1


Chirping birds are no. 1 aggression trigger for Nennek, lol.