Hunger Games


Kitty doesn’t like people sleeping when he’s hungry on a Sunday morning. And believe me, he has the means to wake us up. 9:00, like an alarm clock, lol.

Cats vs Vet #2


I don’t blame them. Hating the vet is in their nature. And no wonder! Just look!

Argument #1


Our cats and their favourite way to entertain themselves…

Home Alone


I actually quite like staying home alone. The 3 of us curl up and sleep together, so it doesn’t get cold. And there’s always something soft and purring to press your face against <3

To and From the Airport


Having to leave my kitties is the hardest part about going away on a trip. I could cry bucket loads and it never gets any easier. And I always know they will be well taken care of in our absence, but damn, it’s still a terribly hard thing to do. Love you Kitties very, very much! <3

Trip Time #1


Yes, this happens every time we make an attempt to pack the suitcases for our trip. Like they didn’t want us to leave.



Stuff like that happens here all the time. It’s like they were frickin’ waiting till you get all comfy and relaxed in your bath…