Hi there!

Welcome to UAT: Us And Them! This is a mini blog created to post short stories about our happy family life. Our family consists of 2 humans and 2 cats, which provide more than enough inspiration. Now, let me introduce the characters:


aka Nennek, Nen, Nesio, Nenufar, Debil


Nennek was supposed to be a female cat. Imagine my surprise… The name was “Nenneke”, but since he grew a pair, we started using Nennek. Yes, the dorky expression is rather normal. Big fan of chestnuts, olives and plants of any kind, but preffers to destroy the pretty ones first. Overeater Anonymous, bird hater, my personal hot bottle/buttwarmer. Born in April 2004.



aka Misiaelda, Gryzmiśzelda, The Emperor, Kluseczka


Judging from her character, definitely a female. Misia is the size of a large rat, but with sharper talons. Her most favourite place in the whole wide world is Michał’s armchair (see above). Trashcan hater, bathtub stalker, perfect hunter, our little home shredding machine. Born in October 2007.


The Humans

Karolina & Michał

The Humans

Michał, very much like Nennek, usually has a dorky expression on his face (see above). My name is Karolina, and I’ll be doing all the important work here, i.e. drawing.

Enjoy! :D

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