Morning Sickness


Remake of something I did back in 2005. Nennek is famous for stealing and eating plants of any kind, and then puking them right out. I guess most cats do the same. Whatever the reason, I don’t like being woken up this early in the morning.

Feather Fever


I’m sure every cat has a history with feathers. Misia just can’t resist!

Sleeping Positions #1

UAT0005Sometimes they are so very hard to sleep with, especially the 5.2 kg Nennek.

Drinkwell #1


If you have cats, defo try out the drinkwell. As you can see it’s also great fun :) Not putting a date on this one, as it’s taking place pretty much everytime we turn it on. Nennek loves it!

The Trigger #1


Chirping birds are no. 1 aggression trigger for Nennek, lol.

String Time


(click to enlarge)

Today, to our joy, Misia got tangled in a string. After ~30 seconds of desperately trying to fight herself out of it, she ran out of the room and crashed into a wall. Sometimes I think she might be missing a couple brain cells ^^’

Cats vs Vet #1


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What happened on one sunny Saturday morning. I guess cats don’t like going to the vet…